Friday, July 8, 2011

Carl's Jr. Free Spin Friday!

I havn't posted this in a while and thought I would let the new readers know that Carl's Jr is giving us all a chance to win free food & Prizes! On Facebook they have, THE WHEEL OF AWESOME, you can spin for a chance to win free food. This week on the Wheel they have Little Red Riding Hood on Blu-Ray up for grabs! Click here to go to Carl's Jr's page on Facebook and like them. You can then click on "The Wheel of Awesome" tab on the left for your free spin. Every spin is a guaranteed win! They give us all 1 free spin on Fridays for FREE SPIN FRIDAY!!

They also have a check-in app called "Happy Star" you can download on your smart phone that allows you to check in and spin The Wheel of Awesome right from your phone, the more you check in the more spins you get!

Check it out, you will be HAPPY you did!!

P.S.- I tried their new Teriyaki Turkey burger and it was to die for! So yummy!

Jamie :-)
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