Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My mail the past few weeks (8/4 - 9/3)

Yep, this is one of the most time consuming posts but I assume it's one the best types of post there is! This not only shows you everything I post is legit but it also gives you the opportunity to order samples you might have missed! The kids have been a handful the past month or so, my son is walking now and like to get into trouble when ever he can, lol! 
Keep in mind when ever coming to my site that if I post something and do not sign up for it myself I will warn you on the post in RED so you know I don't totally trust it. I can't stand junk email in my inbox!! Most offers will always ask first if they can send you emails and it won't take away your offer by opting out. You can always make a fake e-mail account you only use for give aways. I use my regular e-mail address on everything so I can keep up on all the offers for you all! Alright everyone, let's see what we got in my mail box the past few weeks:

That's all I have for ya! Off to find more  :-)

Jamie :-)
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