Sunday, June 26, 2011

What we have been up to & Free Sample of Splenda!

Hey all! Sorry I've been so lame the past few days, we have been super busy! (Scroll to the bottom for the Free Splenda sample if you don't feel like reading my excuses  ;-) )
Friday was my Son's First Birthday, I spent the day playing with him and cutting coupons for my Target shopping trip. My Target trip turned out great! I got $130 worth of stuff for only $42  :-D   It was truly wonderful!! Then we met the family at the Golden Corral for my sons birthday dinner. He really only cares about Yo Gabba Gabba and Food so we took him to the best all you can eat buffet! It was lots of fun and both the kids ate really good that night!

Yesterday we did a 5k walk for Miller Coors Wellness that they hold for the employees every year. It was super exhausting but they fuelled us up with free pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit and juices! Then we went around the corner to the free carnival! It was so fun, we won lots of toys, watched the kids turn into little monkeys  and got the kids faces painted. We then went over for our free lunch which included all the free Coors beer we wanted. I was only able to have about 2 as I had to get my kids home safe. Hopefully next year my husband will have the day off so I can take full advantage. It was a wonderful day! Coors Really does take great care of their workers and their familys!!

 Now I'm back this mornin and woking on finding you guys some good stuff! LOL! Sooooo Here we go!

Splenda is offering 2 different samples! Click here then fill in your info. You will get to choose between either the Splenda with B vitamins or Splenda with Antioxidants. I did submit for both because it does say 2 entries per household, which I think means you can request both types. It said a few weeks for delivery.

Jamie :-)
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