Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First ever interactive book for the iPad!

For those of you who own an iPad you are in luck! This new app for kids (and kids at heart) was released to the iPad. It is so new and innovative that it will blow your mind!! Click here to download the first ever interactive kids book for the iPad. It's only $7.99 which is cheaper than most kids books (or apps for that matter) and this one won't rip or tear! The artist of this app is featured in a article you can read by clicking here. She shows you on a video how cool this app is. It's hard to believe how talented the author Justin Mattot and artist Laurie McAdam are!! Reading the article and watching the video kind of helps you try before you buy! My daughter got a hard copy of this book for Christmas and loves it so much she even sleeps with it! It's so cute, you need to check it out!! I wish we had an iPad!!

If you would like to join the author, Justin Mattot, on Facebook you can click here to like him. He always has something fun going on! Plus you can stay up to date on his latest book releases. Make sure and tell him, Mom and Dad Save, sent you  ;-)

Jamie :-)
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