Monday, April 25, 2011

Review & Give away from Wham-O toys!!

We're going to start out today, Monday (Ewwww!) with a wonderful product review and Give away (YAYYYY!)

Wham-O Inc. toys is so wonderful, they sent me 3 superballs for my family and I to test out and they want to give one of you lucky readers one too!

Are you sitting there scratching your head wondering what Wham-O is? Everyone knows Wham-O. They have been creating the best toys like the Hoola Hoop, Super ball, Frisbees, Hacky Sacks and my personal favorite, the Slip N Slide since 1948!

Here is a short video of my Daughter playing with her Super Ball for the very first time:

The fun didn't stop when I shut the camera off, it got even better. Her and her brother were laughing SO hard for over an hour at how much fun this was to play with! The dog even got in on the action and stole it himself a few times. I really couldn't believe how much higher this thing bounced compared to the one's you buy at the grocery store out of the coin machines. These are the perfect gift for any child of any age! They can bounce over 75 feet in the air, come in many colors and best of all they are only around $3 at most retailers   :-D

Do you want to win won? You can enter now through Wednesday (April 27th) at 10pm. Here is all you have to do:
  • Click here to Wham-O's Facebook page and like them
  • Post a comment on their page that "@Mom and Dad Save sent me"
  • Fill out your name and e-mail address on the form below on this blog post **Note, your e-mail address will be viewed by me only and the contest list will be deleted after a winner is drawn! I would never share your info with anyone! You should all know by now how much I can't stand junk mail!**
So sign up and go show Wham-O some love! It's almost summer and Summer is never the same with out Wham-O?! Wham-O is always doing something fun, they even host Twitter party's for chances to win more stuff! You can follow them at @WhamOWiley and @WhamOTweets on Twitter. Good luck everyone!!

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