Monday, April 18, 2011

My Mail This Week (4/11-4/16)

This week was pretty exciting! It cracks me up every time we get in the car my daughter says to put my seat belt on and get the mail so we can have coupons to go shopping. LOL!
Keep in mind when ever coming to my site that if I post something and do not sign up for it myself I will warn you on the post in RED so you know I don't totally trust it. I can't stand junk email in my inbox!! Most offers will always ask first if they can send you emails and it won't take away your offer by opting out. Alright everyone, let's see what we got in my mail box last week:
  • 2 x $5 off coupon for Similac Formula, I get coupons or vendor checks at least once a month. I have never included them in my mail post's and figured it's actually something that should be talked about on Mom and Dad Save. (Sign up here for Similac Strong Mom's)
  • Coupon for a free BIC lighter up to a $4.99 value (No longer active)
  • Free Money Clip from (No longer available)
  • Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry drink and $1 off coupon (No longer active)
  • Wellness Dog and Cat food sample (No longer available)
  • Free cooking sample to try and review from Ipsos-Isay, This one was offered to me on one of my surveys, I'm really excited to try this one! (Info on Ipsos-Isay)
  • 2 x KLM Baggage tags, this one was a really neat one! I hope some of you got it as well! (No longer available)
  • Tide Stain Release 10 pack, got this to do a review on from Viewpoints. All they asked is that I try it and write a review on their site. Viewpoints often offers great offers like Amazon gift cards just for reviewing things you already own! And lucky times like this they offer products for you to try and review! Click here to sign up so you don't miss out on any future offers!
  • Lactaid Sample and Coupon (Still Available)
  • Oxy Clean Samples and $1.50 coupon (Still Available)
That's all for this week folks!!

Jamie :-)
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