Monday, August 22, 2011

Metro Mint Buy 1 Get 1 Printable Coupon + get them for $0.25 each!

Update: Thanks to Jimbobjoeblow for letting me know I had a MASSIVE error in my pricing. No worries though, the price is still $0.25 each! Thanks again Jimbojowblow!

Sweet! There is a new link for Metro Mint Water! Click here then click the coupon button to print a coupon for Buy 1 get 1 free Metro Mint Water!  Don't forget that you can print this coupon twice. You can also click here to go to a different link to print another 2. I'm pretty sure both will work, if both do not work PLEASE let me know so I can update this post.

If you live near a King Soopers you can get these for as little as $0.25 each! They are sale right now with the Buy 10 Save $5 deal. This might also be the case with Frys and Kroger, not to sure as I don't live by one. They are on sale for $1 each so here's how that deal could would work out for you:

  • Buy 10 Metro Mint Waters @ $1.00 (On sale price)
  • Total will be $10
  • You will get -$5 instant register savings making them $0.50 each
  • At the Register use 5 Buy One Get One Coupons (Can print 2 per computer so you can always print them at moms house, library, work, ect.)
  • Total price: $2.50 or $0.25 each!!

I've already done this one and it worked perfect! So happy this is a new link so I can go buy more  :-D

Jamie :-)
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  1. I'm a little confused. If you get ten of them @$1/ea that is $10 - minus four bogo coupons would bring it to $6 - minus $5 instant savings would bring it to $1 wouldn't it? If I'm getting something wrong, could you please enlighten me?

  2. Okay, I just realized you're envisioning getting a fifth coupon somewhere for 5 bogo coupons. Wouldn't that mean you would get them for $0? Or does the bogo only save you the after instant savings of $.50/ea? If that is the case, then I understand your figures, although I'd be surprised if that was the way the register system processed it.