Sunday, June 12, 2011

White Fence Farm Deals (Colorado only)

What a wonderful deal White Fence is offering us! They are offering us their Cheap Eats card to use for free the whole month of June! This card usually costs around $7. With this card you get:

  • Reduced Chicken dinner prices
  • $1 off all desserts
  • Special Savings in Carry-out
  • 20% off gift shop purchases
  • Special offers at Granny's in the Americana Barn
  • Up to 4 free beverages when you use your Cheap Eats card for the first time
All of these deals are valid Tuesday through Sunday. Click here to print out your certificate you can present from now until 6/30/2011. Their are a few more fine print details that are on the certificate. This is an absolutely wonderful place to take the family if you have never been. Make sure to show up early and get your name in at the desk before you go to play as it takes a while to get a table on most days. But no worries, their are tons of things to do while your waiting. You can check out the cute little shops, visit the petting zoo, play on the play ground/tree house, take funny pics with the picture cutout boards, feed the ducks at the pond, take a horse drawn carriage ride, enjoy live music or just rock on the porch of the Americana Barn. This is definitely not a place you want to miss, and the food is wonderful!! Click here to check it out more on their website!

We went to White Fence Farm for my birthday last year and had a GREAT time! The drive is about 45min for my family which is totally worth it. Like I said before, the wait time for a table is pretty long around dinner time so if your trying to go out to eat quick and get back home it's better to order take out from this place. If you have an afternoon to spend at this place you won't be sad you did. We were having so much fun playing at the playground and tree house, feeding animals and shopping to live music that we actually got sad when they called our table number. The food is EXCELLENT and if you have enough people to eat "family style" it really ends up being a cheap meal! The kids all get a wooden token at the end of their meal to trade in for a toy at the treasure chest.

We went with my entire family so we had to eat at the regular restaurant (YUM!). If you just want to check this place out with a lite meal head on into the Americana Barn for some snacks, live music, indoor slide and shopping. They even have home made fudge!! (OMGood ness is it ever tasty!!)

Make sure to bring plenty of quarters to purchase hand fulls of pet feed to feed to the cute animals at the OK Corral petting barn. They have cows, goats and even a HUGE pig (Huge is an understatement!) If you still have some pet food left you can head over to the pond and feed the ducks.

I can't say enough good things about this place. All I can say is that if you live in Colorado you definitely need to check White Fence Farm out.

My Cousin Shane on a Tractor

My daughter checking out the duckies at the pond

Funny pic of my Bro, Husband and cousin

My daughter enjoying the live band

Family picture at White Fence Farm

My daugher checking out the baby cows at the OK Corral

Jamie :-)
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