Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Tikes X-Mas in July Highlights! MUST SEE!

WOOO! So glad this sale has finally begun! I wanted to bring up some TOI (Toys of Interest) to everyone. Some of the prices in this sale are wonderful!! These items are on sale for super cheap even with shipping! Here are some of the great deals I came across, if you click on it to buy, don't forget to use the code: BANG at checkout so you don't miss out on your 5% off your entire order discount:

The Rockin Scoot School bus, is a rocker for when they are little then disconnects from the base and turns into a ride-on toy! This on is on sale for $22.95 + $10.95 S/H makes it only $32.79 total after the 5% discount!

This Island Water Table is the perfect toy for anyones back yard! My daughter has one and LOVES it! This is on sale for $24.99 + $10.95 S/H makes it only $34.69 total after the 5% discount!

 And the price on this one, $14.99 + $7.95 S/H makes it only $22.19 total after the 5% discount!

If your kid hates his stroller (Like my daughter always did, and still does!) They won't mind crusing in the Tikes Mobile! This one is down to $34.99 + $10.95 S/H makes this one only $44.19 total after the 5% discount!
If you need a girls one, it's the same price for the Pink one! $44.19 total! These Cars have nicer rims than my car! LOL!

Do you have a little builder on your hands? Make them just like Daddy with the Swirlin' Sawdust™ Workshop! This is on sale for $44.95 + $19.95 S/H make it only $62.69 total after the 5% discount!

This deal was one of my FAVORITES! The Neighborhood market which comes with tons of food, cash register and a chalk board up top to name your store is on sale for only $69.99, this one ships for FREE which makes it $66.49 total after the 5% discount!!

And last but not least I had to show you one of the play houses that is on sale. If you have been wanting one and not wanting to pay over $200 for the thing, this Secret Garden Playhouse is the one for you! This is on sale for $99.99 + $25.95 S/H makes it only $120.94 after the 5% discount!! I can't wait for my Hubby to wake up so I can talk him into buying this for our daughters 3rd birthday! Wish he luck!!

I hope you get the picture after this long list of wonderful deals, and their are soooooo many more that I didn't even list! Click here to go to Little Tikes Christmas in July Sale!

Jamie :-)
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