Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Party under $100!!

What a Weekend! My son is turning 1 on the 24th so we had his family party yesterday. I have been working on the cake, food and decorations since Friday afternoon but am pleased with how everything turned out! I made this cake for my son as he LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba and it only took me 3 1/2 hours and the time put in was totally worth it. Can you believe this cake only cost me a little over $10 to make?! Cakes turn out so much cheaper and a lot of time cuter when you make them yourself! I bought cake mix, food dye and 3 larger bags of confectioners sugar to make icing  :-)

The party was absolutely wonderful, we grilled enough home made hamburgers and hot dogs to feed an army (Okay, 50 hamburgers and 40 hot dogs, we have a big family) and only payed about $30 at Sams club for the meat,  buns and 1 bag of candy. When we invited the family with free Evite Invitations we told everyone to bring their own chair and a side dish so we had enough seating and enough food!

I then stopped at the Dollar Store and picked up things for goodie bags, plates and utensils, decorations for the house and of course party hats! The dollar store trip cost us about $20. The decorations weren't the absolute best but still cute enough to look at for my 1 year old. If you wanted to get a little more creative with the gift bags for the kids you can always buy brown paper bags and have the kids decorate their own gift bag as a party game! It kills some time and the kids have a great time doing it!  Not to mention how cheap of an activity it is.

I also made a stop into Party City to get some balloons and found so REALLY cute First Birthday decorations for about $3! They were on clearance along with TONS of other stuff! Balloons were about $13 for a dozen. So we were in total a little under $80 to feed and entertain the whole family!

I also wanted to let you know an awesome idea I came up with, I got a huge first birthday plastic wall decoration (Kinda like and ex-large door cover) and ended up hanging it by the door and having all the guests sign it as they left so now we have a super special thing to keep for him to enjoy and read when he is older!

Anyway, that's about it, their was a lot more to it but I think I listed all the money saving details. We had a wonderful time! Thanks for hanging in there for me and allowing me the time to plan a super special birthday for my boy!

Jamie :-)
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