Thursday, June 9, 2011

80% off of Restaurant Gift Certificates!

Finally! The's  80% off of Restaurant Gift Certificates are back! Now you can get $25 gift certificates for only $3! We never eat out at any restaurant witout checking here first. It makes eating out with a family of 4 sooo much cheaper! They also make wonderful presents for anyone! I bought a ton of giftcards back at Christmas time. Anyways enough gabbing, here's who you can get yours:

  • Click here and on the right hand side type in your zip code
  • Browse the Restaurants they have to offer in your area
  • If you like one select the name
  • Read the terms at the bottom of the "Purchase a Gift Certificate" box on the left.
  • If the terms of the certificate sound good select "Add to cart"
  • If your done shopping type in the promo code: DEAL into the promo code box on the upper right and submit. Your total should drop down to about $3 total. 
  • Add your billing info and your done!
Now all you have to do is print out your certificate prior to going to the restaurant of your choice  :-)
Please let me know if you have any more questions about this deal site, I use it ALL the time and would be happy to answer any questions about it  :-D

Jamie :-)
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