Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Mail Last Week (5/9-5/14)

I was really excited when my Grilled cheese toaster sleve showed up last week! It really is a time saver and keeps the mess at a minimum in the kitchen  :-) I'm also excited to try out this hair dye foam!!
Keep in mind when ever coming to my site that if I post something and do not sign up for it myself I will warn you on the post in RED so you know I don't totally trust it. I can't stand junk email in my inbox!! Most offers will always ask first if they can send you emails and it won't take away your offer by opting out. You can always make a fake e-mail account you only use for give aways. I use my regular e-mail address on everything so I can keep up on all the offers for you all! Alright everyone, let's see what we got in my mail box last week:
  • Grilled Cheese Toaster Sleeve, this was Jarlsberg cheese Facebook give away (No longer available)
  • Coupon for a free box of John Frieda hair dye foam, Facebook give away (No longer available)
  • Purex complete with Zout sample and $1 off coupon (Still active)
  • Enfamil, Enfagrow for toddlers sample. You can sign up to have samples sent throughout your pregnancy and child's infancy. They also send you vendor checks in the mail you can use like cash at any store! Sign up by clicking here!
  • Maxi pads, Tampon sample and Head and Shoulders samples. These were all from my P&G brand saver request. You may be able to sign up now if you didn't so last time I talked about this (Still Active)
Sorry alot of the deals are dead, I unfortunatly don't have any control over that.

Jamie :-)
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