Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun mail for everyone!

You guys would have cracked up if you opened my mail box yesterday. I had a key in my box for the bigger one. I opened it up and saw this ball, all by itself in the mail box! LOL! It was a wonderful surprise! The ball was sent to me from one of my SAFE paid survey sites called These balls are sold on SendaBall costs $16 plus shipping ($4 in most cases). But they are offering my readers $3 off by using the coupon code: QUESTION1026. On the ball you send you can personalize the message, pick a color, ect. This is the perfect gift for anyone as the excitement is in the delivery! Perfect for Get well wishes, Birthdays, Graduations or just because! Who wouldn't love to have a ball delivered to their mailbox?! So fun!!

Jamie  :-)
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