Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morning Everyday Contest Entry!

Here is your list of the contests still going on that you can enter everyday! It only takes a few minutes and you just might win something. Remember to comment if you win something!

Sitewide Sale
Enter, The 28 Days of Prizes Sweepstake! The winner will be allowed to pick out up to 28 prizes with a total value of $2,000! That's worth a quick visit to this site in the morning if you ask me! To enter this one, go to Little Tikes and when the window opens look at the very bottom of the window. Click, Enter Our Sweepstakes. Fill out your information and your good to go for today!
(FYI, there 5% off anything and free shipping on 100's of items is still going on too!)
Tony's frozen pizza is still doing a daily give away, this one lasts for 99 days! This is a instant win game that you can play every day by clicking here. You will have to type in all your info to sign up the first time but after that entering every day is a piece of cake, or should I say a piece of pizza (HA!). After signing up they just require your email to log on. The game you play everyday is a slot machine style so it makes the contest a little more fun! If your looking for coupons for Tony's pizza you can find one here for $1/2.

Stouffer’s has a new instant win game on their Facebook page. Click here to go to there Facebook page and click on the “Match Em Up” tab to play the Stouffer’s Stuffed Melt and Soup Match ‘Em Up Game! You could win one of 10,000 coupons for a free meal coupon! You can play this everyday until the coupons run out so make sure to keep trying! I didn't win today but will tell you for sure if I win in the future. Good luck!!
Jamie :-)
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