Friday, February 4, 2011

Morning everyday contest entry

Good morning Everyone! Every morning while im enjoying my coffee I go on the computer and go strait to these two contest, one for King Soopers and one for Tony's Pizza.

The King Soopers website has a contest that will be going for the next 3 days that is a instant win game. All you have to do is click here then click the get started button. From there you will be prompted to pick either heads or tails. If your lucky you will win an item they put onto your King Soopers club card! It only takes a few seconds but is totally worth it if you win something!

Tony's frozen pizza  is also doing a daily give away, this one lasts for 99 days! This is also a instant win game that you can play every day by clicking here. You will have to type in your all your info to sign up the first time but after that entering every day is a piece of cake, or should I say a piece of pizza (HA!) The game you play everyday is a slot machine style so it makes the contest a little more fun! If your looking for coupons for Tony's pizza you can find one here for $1/2.

Good luck everyone! Let me know if you win anything!

Jamie  :-)

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