Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Buy has the best deal on PS3

Are you planning on buying a PS3? They are not allowed to sell them at different discounted prices so the best they can do is offer you something else to go with it! This week Best Buy is offering a $50 Gift Card with Sony 160GB PlayStation 3 Console. Valid 2/13-2/19. Even if you are planning on getting a Blu-Ray player, it's a way better deal buying the PS3 because it has a Blu-Ray ready player built right into it! What's even better is that it is Wi-Fi ready so you can stream Netflix through your PS3 right to your TV and watch 1000's of movies on demand. I wish we had $300 extra dollars so we could steal this deal! My husband and I often want to play different games so having 2 would make it a lot easier! If your a girl and think you can't play games on this because they are all to complicated, make sure and download, Fat Princess, from the Playstation store. It's a fun simple game that anyone can play! Beware, I lost sleep for over a month due to a, Fat Princess, addiction! I stayed up WAY to late after the kids went down just so I could play!

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