Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free educational games site for kids! MUST SEE!

I just signed my daughter up for a new site called GOGO Kabongo. It's a free site that is SOOOO CUTE! It's a safe site that has no personal interaction with your child so you won't have to worry about them playing with a bunch of weirdo's online. Click here to sign up for free, you will then sign your kid/kids up with their own user name so they can customize their own charachter and world. You get the Laughter lake and Galaxy Gardens free of charge. GoGo Kabongo offers challenging online brain games that help 4 to 7 year olds build the cognitive skills that are essential to reading. Kids can explore fantastical habitats, go on exciting mini-quests, build and ride in their own skate park and earn cool rewards just for playing and learning! My daughter stole my computer for the rest of the afternoon after I signed her up for his one :-D

Jamie :-)

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